昶典工業股份有限公司自1987年於新北市泰山工業區成立,早期主要生產金屬製品加工機械設備,而後藉由持有的金屬製品加工技術投入生產真空不銹鋼保溫瓶。1991年因臺灣保溫瓶生產設備難以突破,產量無法供應需求,遂於江蘇省揚州市設立真空不銹鋼製品工廠。於三十五年間持續不斷提升生產技術,掌握真空保溫專利與製程關鍵技術,昶典出產的製品屢次榮獲德國IF、日本Good Design、中國DDF、臺灣精品等設計獎,決心要提供給客戶最好的並站穩頂級保溫瓶製造商的角色。昶典協助世界三大洲超過10餘國品牌OEM保溫瓶的生產,昶典一路從OEM走到ODM成為許多世界品牌的背後推手。2019年購置雲林土地並擴建廠房增設雲林廠,將多年的研發生產技術帶回台灣。
Bebottle 提把直筒瓶
In 1987, Sun-Upper Metal Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Taipei. In the early stage, we mainly produced vacuum-manufacturing equipment while adopting the same vacuum-manufacturing technology to produce stainless steel thermos. In 1991, there was no major breakthrough for the processing facility to produce thermos, resulting in a shortage in supply that couldn’t meet the demand. Thereafter, we decided to build a vacuum stainless steel factory in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province of China. During the 35 years, we have been upgrading our production techniques. With vacuum insulation patents and advanced processing techniques, S.U.N.U.P maintains strategic alignment with numerous thermos brands around the world.
S.U.N.U.P products have continuously been recognized by multiple international awards, which include: iF Product Design Award in Germany, Good Design Award in Japan, Digital Developers Fund in China, and Taiwan Excellence Award. It is our determination to be the best thermos manufacturer.
As the investment strategy, Sun-Upper Metal Industry Co., Ltd. plans to grow market share of intermediate products in China and to develop refined and high value-added products in Yunlin, Taiwan, making a horizontal division of labor on both sides. Nowadays, as environmental awareness has risen, a lot of people bring their own container to refill drinks, making plastic-free more popular than ever. It is our goal to bring “plastic-free” into life. With technology and aesthetics, we will continue to open the market of beverage containers in the future.
Customer-oriented, always stand in their shoes.
always stand in their shoes.
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